Saturday, January 24, 2009

Movies that God uses in our regeneration

What movie(s), if any, has God used as one instrument in drawing you to know Jesus Christ as your savior?
Here are a few that have been mentioned by some of the people I know from church:

The Passion of the Christ
Amazing Grace
Ben Hur
The Devil's Advocate
Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace
Left Behind
Less than Zero

A biggee for me personally was Mississippi Burning.

Some of these titles, I think, were quite obvious - the ones that were made by Christian producers and directors. Then there are a few that were decidedly secular, but interestingly depict the horror and depravity of human sin and downward cycle of destruction that can result even within a temporal context.

In the case of my pick, Mississippi Burning, what grabbed my heart the most was not just the horrid treatment of our brothers and sisters. Much of what was portayed in the movie, although based in part on a true story, was overly theatrical and scripted to generate an emotional reaction. What was most profound and undeniable was that even through extreme persecution and the most unjust and inhumane treatment that could be concocted by those in power over them, they continued to worship God. They continued on in their faith. They clung to the Bible, the very Word of God. Something resonated deep within me that many of these poor, persecuted and pitiable people had such a solid foundation of truth and hope that they could not be shattered. I wanted what they had and thought that somehow we shared in a common bond, even though I did not personally know Christ.

It may not have been the director or producer's intent to portray this in the movie as clearly as I was seeing it, but that was in fact my main impression. And I always have remembered that and loved to see those scenes where the black community would come together to share the sabbath together and worship God. I did not actually receive Christ until several years after, but for some reason that movie impacted me in ways that I cannot understand or even explain.

Thank God that the days in this country of such open hostility to our brothers and sisters in Christ are well behind us and that the electing of a black president is symbolic to that end. I pray for the day that our country's collective will is just as strong against the persecution of the unborn. Let's hold out hope that we will repent of our unjust practices toward these defenseless and most tender lives entrusted to our care.

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