Sunday, December 7, 2008

Revisiting the Myth of Chronic Uniqueness

Quote from Fred B. at Route 59:
Realize that you aren't alone in your own battle.
"We tend to isolate ourselves in our struggles, thinking that, "Look. Everyone else has it ALL together. No one struggles with _______ like me. I'm the only one." My wife calls it the "Myth of Chronic Uniqueness." This sense that we are alone in our struggles makes us reticent to share those burdens with others. But the irony is that is that if we only knew the struggles others are facing, we wouldn't feel so alone, and we could fight those battles together. More than likely, your brother or sister in Christ is fighting the same battle you are. And only when we let each other know what's really going on will we be able to truly bear one another's burdens and encourage one another in the fight. "

This was a great reminder for me and I hope that you are blessed by it!!

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