Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Tradition

For the past three years, I have made a tradition out of going to my local Staples stores at 5:30am and standing line so I could take advantage of this awesome deal:

Norton Internet Security for 3 computers $68.99
-9.00 instant rebate
-40.00 easy rebate
-20.00 upgrader rebate

+H&R Block TaxCut Federal/State/E-file 2008 for $49.99
-30.00 easy rebate for purchasing with Norton

Total: $19.99 for Internet Security for 2009 for 3 computers and for e-filing my taxes. in January.

That's an awesome deal. Well, this year, I was able to take full advantage of that deal by ordering online from the comfort of home. No standing in line. Free Shipping (by Tuesday, Dec. 2nd). And I filled out 2 of the 3 rebates immediately online when checking out with just a few simple clicks.

My initial outlay is 109.98, but I'll be getting 90.00 back in rebates (which makes them almost free). If you need these for 2009, I'd recommend it to you.

Plus, you can order most of the other items featured in the flyer without a shipping charge too for Christmas gifts. (I took advantage of a couple of those too). Happy shopping :)

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