Wednesday, October 1, 2008


A great post by new blogger, Matt Chandler:

here is an excerpt:

Here are a few men who loved our great God and King and were obedient beyond the norm:
-Moses spends his whole life with grumbling, whiners and dies without getting to walk into the promise land.
-Samson suicide bombs the Philistines and when the dust settles he is dead and the Philistines still rule over Israel.
-David’s son rapes his sister and leads a rebellion against David, dethroning him for a season.
-Jeremiah ends up in exile with the rest of the country after repeatedly getting beaten for preaching what God commanded him to preach.
-John the Baptist is beheaded by a pervert who gives his head to a 15-year-old stripper.
-Peter is killed, reportedly crucified upside down.
-Paul is killed in Rome but only after he spends his life (with thorn intact) being eaten, rejected, lost at sea, and consistently dealing with people coming in behind him and destroying what he built.

If your hope is set on anything other than Him, how do you survive when it goes bad? How do you remain passionate and vibrant when no one comes or the baptismal waters are still for long stretches? How do you maintain doctrinal integrity or teach hard things if He isn’t the treasure? How do you worship when your wife gets sick or your son goes for a ride in an ambulance? If He is the goal, the treasure, the pursuit, then those things are fuel that presses you into His goodness and grace
all that much more. I am not saying they are pleasant or enjoyable but only that if He is your goal you will find your faith sustained.

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