Friday, September 5, 2008

Yep. She's articulate, bright and clean, but will they ever be able to get rid of the NeoCons now?

Okay, I've still got just a little more to say on Sarah Palin. Before I do, I will refer you to the latest article from Doug Wilson titled 'Epistomological Pileup' and, 'Saint Sarah' for a couple of very good reads on the subject.

The evening that John McCain announced her to America as his pick for VP Candidate, she gave an awesome speech that blew Joe Biden out of the spotlight. He had just given his stirring speech the night before, pulling on the heart-strings of America with his touching family story. He told of his meager beginnings as a child of a blue collar family from Scranton, PA. And the upcoming deployment of son, Beau, with whom I served in the same National Guard unit just before I retired. (on a side note, I retired just 10 days before the unit received activation orders to Iraq. How's that for God's sovereignty? But I digress.). Even with everything that Joe had going for him, Sarah's candidacy completely took him off the PR pedestal. On the emotional level, every box Joe had check, Sarah out did him.

As impressive as that was.... Wednesday night, when she gave her AMAZING acceptance speech, she went way beyond taking on the Dem's VP. She actually out Obama'd Obama. She upstaged him in style, energy, charisma, hope, and even took him on the issue of experience. Not only was she articulate, bright and clean (ref: Biden gaff about Obama last year) I have to admit, I'm WAY impressed by her and what she stands for. She hits on all cylinders.

The underlying question for me right now, however, is how in the world are they going to be able to get rid of the neo-cons now? I mean the choice of Palin for VP is obviously a masterminded political move. This was an amazing campaign move and I'm okay with that. But McCain/Palin cannot take the neo-con with them into the administration. Their sneaky political posturing is one of the reasons why Evangelical Christians got kneecapped so hard by the last administration. These guys have no problem using us in order to accomplish diabolical ends. I am very much on guard against NeoCon pandering and even though I'm supporting her, I'm also still skeptical.

If I were McCain/Palin (fat chance, eh?), I would find a way to orchestrate a public fall-out this arm of Bush administration chronies about three days before the election.

UPDATE: Sermons from Sarah's church. Her current church seems to be biblical.
UPDATE2: However, here she is addressing her old church which is pretty interesting to watch. It goes to show the flaws of the pentecostals' wrong theology on the true nature of Israel and the end times. Not sure it says anything specifically about her.

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Anonymous said...

Good point. I love Sarah, but I don't trust Karl Rove and his buddies either.