Monday, September 1, 2008

August Monthly Round Up

My top 15 articles for the month of August in no particular order [unfortunately, due to the holiday, I'm a day late in getting this done. ]

1. Blessing Rather than Punishment from Stand to Reason Blog by Melinda
Excerpt: "These are examples of valuing all unborn children despite the circumstances, accepting responsibility and the challenges that life and actions present us rather than treating children as valueless and expendable."

2. Restoring Civility HT: The Dawn Treader
"We've got to learn to disagree without demonizing each other and we need to restore civility in our civil discourse and that's the goal of the Saddleback Civil Forum." ~ Rick Warren

3. Leaders as Peacemakers
By Ajith Fernando (via Considerable Grace)
How proactive and intentional peacemaking can help us overcome the common phenomenon of "evangelical grasshoppers," among other extemely helpful ideas.

4. It Has Become Clearer ... That We Should Confess Our Sins to One Another
ByFaith Magazine article. In James's epistle (which we will start studying this week!), we are commanded to confess our sins to one another. This is a great reminder of how important this is to the life and unity of the local Church body.

5. Video: Being Missional in a Post-Christian U.S. (HT: Drew Goodmanson)

6. Blog Ethics by Tim Keller and David Powlison - HT: Between Two Worlds
I'm convicted by this one! And learned a lot there too.

7. Missions from the Living Room: Reasons to house an international roommate. (Still contemplating this one.) HT: Desiring God.

8. "Is God Unjust? Not at All!" HT: Pastor Riddlebarger

9. Keller on Forgiveness HT finding grace (Emily)

The following (#10-13) HT: Vitamin Z

10. Thabiti Anyabwile answers this important question: “How should a Christian relate to Old Testament laws?”There is a ton to say here and books have been written on this subject, but I think his brief response below. Read the short article to see his answers fleshed out. This is crucial information for understanding how to read the Bible. He writes:
We should relate to Old Testament laws like Christians! That is to say, we relate to the Law in a few ways:

1. Acknowledging that Christ has fulfilled the Law for us.
2. Remembering we are not antinomians (lawless people with no moral code).
3. Using the Law evangelistically.

11. - Reasons People Choose a Church

12. -- A good reflection for all those who put too much hope in the next president by Shaun Groves, via Z: And The Government Will Be On His Shoulders

13. -Back by popular demand: Last month, a few visitors took the poll and voted Sinclair Ferguson's article on Indicatives and Imperatives--Get This Down as the BEST of the month. This month, I've got a link to the same teaching - on video>>> Don't miss it!!


14. From Prodigal Jon at Stuff Christians Like:
PAMIC: Massages during church. (A manifesto against them)
CIMAP: Part 2 - Fans of Church Massages Respond

And finally:

15. Everything that Josh Etter, Fred Eaton and Bart Byl from Surrey, BC, Canada publish on Of First Importance!

Thanks for reading. Blessings in Christ!

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