Sunday, July 6, 2008

St Roch Community Church NOLA - PCA Church Plant

This is a video of the church plant where we worked on Wednesday and Thursday of our mission trip. Pray for them as they continue to rebuild the church and reach out to build relationships in the local community. This is a PCA Church Plant being developed by Desire Street Ministries.

We had a chance to meet quite a few of the neighbors and one thing that really stuck out for me was that the church does just as much work on nearby homes as they do on their own property. For every hour we spent installing insulation or digging ditches at the church itself, we had people painting, planting, scraping and repairing local homes of people who are not yet members of the church. Everyone can plainly see that as the St. Roch body is being built up, so is the local surrounding community -- which is an awesome testimony.

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