Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is this church?

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... Update: No need to worry afterall>>>


Carlos said...

Last week Ben gave his life to an eternal relationship with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in that building.
So yes. It is church.
And no. Church is not the building.
It is the people who are inside the building.
This week my friend Angela will attend the church in the picture and I have been prying for her for 5 months. I pray she comes

Deb said...

Hi Carlos. Thanks for commenting on the blog. I write stuff for months and not one comment. So while I'm definitely sorry if my post was at all offensive, I'm also enthralled to actually have someone comment at all.

It's awesome when God uses us and our designs to be vessels of His Grace and Mercy in sharing salvation with unbelievers. What an incredible testimony to His Sovereign Grace. Christian fellowship in the Body of Christ (the Church) is a powerful thing.

Here's where I'm not on board: the conduct of church as the assembly of the Saints for the express purpose of worshipping the Lord corporately and preaching the Word of God is a Holy and Reverent occassion. I don't think that the worship service should resemble something that usually requires the services of ticketmaster to attend. I don't believe that worship is supposed to be about entertainment and performance with all of the lights and technology --on "a stage." All of that is a concert (and I actually do love concerts, BTW). It just looks way too much like the world and not enought like what the scriptures teach about worship (IMHO).

Also, please note, I'm in the PCA Denomination and we practice something called the Book of Church Order, so the fact that a bunch of young men in our church are trying to do what you're doing is troubling and saddening to me.

But hey, thanks for stopping by and openning up the dialogue. Blessings in Christ.