Saturday, May 3, 2008

The God Delusion Debate

Although this debate took place a few months ago on Oct 15th, 2007, I just had to share it for anyone who hasn't had a chance to listen to it yet. I LOVE Dr. John Lennox. He was also interviewed in Expelled and, as usual, shared some of the most insightful thoughts. One of the things that I keep seeing in all of these interviews and debates with Dawkins is that he seems like Saul. Not OT Saul. NT Saul. I'm praying for Dawkins, 'cause I think God's going to save him!!!

(Love their British accents too). Enjoy!
Richard Dawkins vs. John Lennox
Oxford biologist and renowned atheist Richard Dawkins debates Oxford mathematician and Christian apologist John Lennox on the existence of God.

UPDATE: I totally posted this before I read the blog over at Between Two Worlds. Apparently, Lennox recently did a new talk on God and Richard Dawkins that JT just posted. Totally co-incidence. Here is the link to Lennox: God and Richard Dawkins>>> I haven't watched it yet, so I will probably come back here and comment.

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