Saturday, April 5, 2008

Going Up? Or Going Down? No Standing Still

Today's C.S. Lewis Quote:
"Every uncorrected error and unrepented sin is, in its own right, a fountain of
fresh error and fresh sin flowing on to the end of time."

My Christian walk is a continuous journey, a pilgrimage. John Bunyan calls the process of our sanctification the Pilgrim's Progress. Daily setbacks are merely temporary and our submission to and cooperation with the Holy Spirit causes us to grow from setbacks. In true repentence, we abhor our sin and long to turn from it, by trusting in Christ and mortifying the desires of our flesh/sin nature.

As I shared with my friend earlier today, standing still is not really a viable option for us in sanctification - as we grow in our faith in Christ. We may rest in our trust that His righteousness has been imputed to us, but we simultaneously lay hold of the means of grace afforded us: fellowship with the saints of the church, His Holy Word and prayer.

Our forward progression is our increased faith and repentence in Christ. When it comes to growing in faith and knowledge of our Lord, we not afford cannot stand still. As I mentioned to my friend today, standing still in our faith leads to backsliding. Here's to increasing faith, trust, submission and obedience to Jesus - the Word of God.

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