Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Through the Eyes of God

Interesting series here, enjoy:

Easter Through the Eyes of God, MP3 from John MacArthur (
Romans 3:24-31

Even the most glorious sunset, when gazed at long enough, will eventually lose its appeal. The scenery becomes so familiar that the senses grow dull to its vivid color and beauty. The scenery doesn't need changing—only your perspective.

Such is the case with Easter. Our modern eyes have gazed on the wonderful story for so long that we've lost our appreciation for its richness. What's worse, we've missed the real story—the forces at work behind the scenes that make the crucifixion and resurrection defining moments for all mankind.

In Easter Through the Eyes of God, John MacArthur approaches the Easter story from the unique perspective of God, Himself. How were God's purposes served by an angry, murderous mob? What was God's role in the suffering death of His own Son? Why is the resurrection of Jesus the hinge on which all of human history turns? This compelling study provides the answers. » Listen Online (M3u) » Subscribe to Podcast

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