Friday, February 22, 2008

AW Pink's Divine Guidance

I appreciated reading Divine Guidance by A.W. Pink after the perplexing assertion here earlier this week. IMHO some people might be confusing waiting on the Lord with spiritual bondage. As Pink says, the sheep need guidance (not an easy button.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the thorough and fulfilling article by AW Pink. Here is his summary as a sample morsel:

"The LORD shall direct thy paths." First, by His Word: not in some magical
way so as to encourage laziness, nor like consulting a cookery-book full of
recipes for all occasions, but by warning us of the by-ways of sin and folly and
by making known the paths of righteousness and blessing. Second, by His Spirit:
giving us strength to obey the precepts of God, causing us to wait patiently on
the Lord for directions, enabling us to apply the rules of Holy Writ to the
varied duties of our lives, bringing to our remembrance a word in due season.
Third, by His providences: causing friends to fail us so that we are delivered
from leaning upon the arm of flesh, thwarting our carnal plans so that we are
preserved from shipwreck, shutting doors which it would not be good for us to
enter, and opening doors before us which none can shut.

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