Saturday, January 26, 2008

Preparing us for His Son

"The same tribulation that yields bitter fruit in the arid soul of the wicked is
used to produce the sweet fruit of the Spirit in the fertile soul of the saint.
Why is God so intent on perfecting His saints? To prepare a spotless bride for
His Son, and to complete His grand design!" - William Gurnall, "The
Christian in Complete Armour
" pg. 25
Whatever the cross we may bear today, we can have faith that God is using it to prepare us for something down the road - something that He can see even if we can't. He knows every heartache, every struggle. He sees every tear and every sorrow. One word from His lips can calm the unrest and extinguish every fear. Rest in His Word. That is The Holy Truth in which we can place our full trust. Blessings in Christ Jesus.

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