Thursday, December 13, 2007

How in the world did anyone pass finals this week?

I just wonder how any of my students passed their exams this week. UD is going to the big game!

I hope our guys win the NCAA Division 1-AA Championship. Our church ministers to this sports team with an embedded outreach ministry, and I know that a lot of these athletes are professing Christians. -- Plus, I'm an alum, so I'm a big fan too.... And to think, they finished the season in third place in their own conference. They've knocked off the #1 team to get here... Go University of Delaware, Joe Flacco, Omar Cuff, and all the guys! (and, BTW, I'm so glad I'm not trying to write a final paper or take final exams this week. My students totally have my sympathy, so if they come in with "Incompletes," I will smile and tell them to get me the grade within four weeks. My replacement will take care of them, I'm sure) Oh, yeah - Ishould focus. Go Hens!

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