Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Quiet

HT: All Nations Fellowship

Christmas Quiet

“Shhh. Quiet. It’s okay.

Put away your credit cards. Your kids don’t need another computer-digital-anything. You and I don’t need any more debt. Our debt is crushing us as it is.

We need a debt canceler. Be still—if only for a moment. It’s Christmas: our Debt Canceler has come.

Off in the distance dawns the light for all nations. The darkness is pierced and the Light will never, can never, be extinguished.

Stop your striving. Take a breath. Breathe deeply the life you’ve only dared to dream of. The life where you lie down and sleep in peace and awake with joy.

Lower your fist. Kiss your kid. Forgive your dad. Love your wife. The One Who has borne our sin is born!

Our King forever, our Prince of Peace, our Mighty God, has come to us, to live with us, identify with us, bear our sorrows, give us rest. So rest. Stop.

He hasn’t come to wage war on retailers. He hasn’t come to battle Santa Claus or debate whether or not the fir tree is a pagan symbol. He hasn’t come to argue with local governments over crèches and menorahs in the public square. The government, after all, is on HIS shoulders.

His law is love and His Gospel is peace. His yoke is easy, His burden light. He is Salve for tired eyes, a hand for the lonely to hold, a lap for the child at any age, a shoulder broad and strong on which to lean and to cry. So rest. Take your shoes off. Turn down the noise. Switch off the TV.

Pray. Commune with Him. Do you hear that? Do you see His smile?
Shh. Enjoy the silence. Cry if you need to. Laugh if you want to. Stretch out your hands. Touch the splintered cross He was nailed to. Accept the gift.

Forget about the sweater that doesn’t fit, the broken gadget that needs to be returned. Exchange your broken life for one that’s new in Him…your sin for Christ’s sinlessness…your unpeace for His peace…your sorrow and pain for His joy.

Be still now. So very, very still.

It’s Christmas and Christ has come to bring us into His quiet, to hush our fury, to still our rage and fear."

-N. Kennedy

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