Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dwight Schrute would be SO happy...

Beets are at the top of the Healthy Foods That You Should Be Eating list at Joy's Healthy Bite>>> But what do people really think about beets?

My Beet Garden: June 2007
Everyone loves my Dad's pickled beets.

Really? Well, here's a little dialogue between Dwight and Michael from The Office to help illustrate what people say about beets:

Dwight Schrute: You know you can always refinance your mortgage. We [he and
his cousin] had a 15-year on our beet farm and paid it off early.

Michael Scott: Yeah, well, you know what? Nobody cares about your stupid beet
farm. Beets are the worst.

Dwight Schrute: People love beets.

Michael Scott: Nobody likes beets, Dwight! Why don't you grow something that
everybody does like? You should grow candy! I'd love a piece of candy right
now... not a beet.

Alrightly then. SINCE my Dad's pickled beets are essentially like "Beet Candy," I think I know why everyone who has ever tried them - loves them. If you ever want a free jar of "Beet Candy" - or Artie's Famous Pickled Beets - just let me know!

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