Sunday, November 11, 2007

Delaware loses to Richmond: 62-56 (5OT)!

I'm talking about football, not basketball! This was insane. In the last second of the regular game, Flacco* squeaks into the end zone and ties the game up 38-38. About 1/3 of the stadium fans were leaving or had left, sure that the Blue Hens' game was over. I was on my way into the movie theater to meet my friend Rob and see "Dan in Real Life." Here's the totally insane thing. We got out of the movie and went over to Applebee's, sat down and looked up to the monitor - the game was still going on. Five overtime periods! Good grief. Alas, Richmond got the best of our boys. Here is a video link. (* - Our QB, Joe Flacco, is being courted for first/second round NFL draft pick)

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