Sunday, November 4, 2007

Committing Career Suicide

I do not believe that women should be in combat. Yet, our current war has turned the roles upside down in many cases. We find ourselves engaged in an asymetrical style of fighting where our terroristic enemy most often engages soft targets - civilians, embassies, supply lines, food clerks, etc. And our armed forces, while still holding a ban on women serving in direct combat roles (MOS's), continues to use service support personnel to fulfill combat missions, without calling them that directly. We let the armed forces leaders off the hook, because they don't officially train women as infantry or combat arms (officially). However, we are failing to see the writing on the wall with regard to what is happening in reality. Sept. 11th changed things. Prior to that, service support personnel had a fairly good assurance that they would not be engaging in direct combat. Our current administration has unapologetically accepted the wholesale transformation of forces which has thrust women's roles closer to the front lines and into the combat realm. And I think this trend is wrong.

According to John Piper's arcticle entitled "Co-Ed Combat and Cultural Cowardice," my coming out against women in combat roles could be considered an act of career suicide. So be it. Let's speak up! (H.T. to Between Two Worlds)

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