Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brotherhood and Adoption

The Brotherhood of Sons: What Some Rude Questions About Adoption Taught Me About the Gospel of Christ, by Russell D. Moore at Touchstone. HT: Between Two Worlds

I read this article on two different blogs this morning, and found its meaning to be especially impactful for me. Adopted by my earthly family at a very young age, I could relate to a number of the "rude questions" that Dr. Moore mentions in his article. Praise God for his awesome witness to others thru his experience of adoption and the wonderful teaching and encouragement that this article provided in terms of helping to see how our adoption as "Sons" of the living and most high God is so immensely practical, relevant and sanctifying. What an incredible blend of Love and Theology the topic of adoption is! I just need to stop writing, because I certainly would not want to take away anymore than I already have from this amazing article. Enjoy!

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