Sunday, November 25, 2007


Last week while I was reading one of my favorite blog authors, I noticed a very gracious and charitable post there in response to a very serious matter and about a person who I would've have likened more to a ravenous wolf than a brother in Christ. And I almost commented with just such a reaction. I would have submitted such a comment, but for the fact that I've been convicted lately over my pride and sin in blogging. So I waited.

The very next day, the same author in a complete reversal posted some scathing indictments about this other person -- very similar to the very things I had been thinking of writing. What is so odd is that I had no doubt in my mind upon reading it that this was very, very wrong -unwise, unfruitful and counterproductive. So, I think it is interesting that God showed me this issue, in this particular way.

Seeing the sin in someone else is way, way easier to detect than it is in my own heart.
The sneaky-ness of sin is scary, you know? It goes deep. But God's Word and His Grace go deeper! Amen. I pray that God keeps revealing the sinfulness of my sin to me, convicting me as I go, and giving me a soft heart that is conformed more to his son, Jesus Christ.

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