Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Incredible Ministry of RZIM

Before I started my undergrad at Delaware, Ravi Zacharias was invited by one of the campus ministries to debate the philosophy department on the book of Job and the problem of evil. Five years later, I found myself enrolled as a full-time student at the college, engaged in philosophical sparring in my World Religions class with my professor, contending for the Christian faith. Not only that, but as I soon found out, practically every humanities course (and -of course- my biology class) required a careful ability to defend the Truth of the scriptures and Jesus Christ in a gentle, yet uncompromising way almost daily. Ravi's ministry continued to be important throughout my bachelors studies - and then later as I worked on my master's degree. Today it is still just as prominent, through his staff writers' devotionals in the Slice of Infinity emails that I receive daily.

Last night I had the incredible blessing of listening to him up close - seriously - like four feet away - thanks to a very good friend's invite. He shared some absolutely amazing things that he and the rest of his very small staff have had the opportunity to accomplish for the sake of the Gospel recently. I'm pretty sure that I cannot share any details, but they are ministering to large groups of previously unreached people all of over the world - particularly in high risk and adversarial cultures. The ministry is also reaching folks in high levels of influence religiously, acedemically, socially and politically in this country and abroad. Suffice it to say - I was awe struck and felt so very grateful for this ministry on the personal level as well in a global sense.

That being said, I realized that in all of the years that I have been blessed by this ministry, I have NEVER once been solicited to offer financial support. And that is a testament to the fact of their primary focus and to not present a stumbling block to anyone. So, if anyone reads this had has ever been blessed by RZIM or has been at all encouraged by anything I have written, please count this ministry among those that you might consider supporting at some time. God Bless!

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