Saturday, September 22, 2007

Postmodernism, Morality, Culture & Christianity

This week's lecture was by far my favorite so far. Prof. Barrs discusses the entanglements of American culture with Chrisitianity, the interpretation of morality outside of God's Word, and finding common ground (bridges) within our postmodern world.

Again, he has presented great challenges for me personally beginning at about the halfway point when he begins speaking about relationships. He also shows how deeply our church life has been influenced by the taint of modernism and postmodernism, even though most evangelicals have yet to or have only recently begun to recognize it. I'll betcha one cup of home-brewed coffee, redeemable at your leisure (you'll get that if you listen to the second half of the audio or start reading at about page 5), that most of our popular evangelical moralists would be surprised and challenged by Dr. Barrs' teaching on biblical relationships.

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