Saturday, September 22, 2007

DSU shooting is no VA Tech

DSU shootings yesterday are being compared to the shootings that occured at VA Tech. However, here is what officials are saying:

Beverly Williams, interim mayor of Dover, said Capt. Ray Taraila, Dover's deputy police chief, told her in a brief conversation early Friday that the shootings were the result of a "turf war" between "factions from outside our city."

"Things have really notched up, and it can't be stopped by outside forces, whether it be the college administration, the police, the Legislature. ... it's got to be stopped by the people involved," Williams said.

And here is the lead from our local paper, with a link to many additional/related stories.

"The shootings of two DSU students Friday cast the school in a harsh national light for the second time in six weeks.

It was just over a month ago that the school was rocked by the news from Newark, N.J., of the execution-style slayings of two Delaware State University students and a third who planned to enroll there for the current term."

I've got a dozen or so of my students enrolled there who I spoke with individually yesterday. I continue to hope and pray that they will remain safe over the coming days and months.

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