Thursday, August 2, 2007

Summertime flu

Tuesday afternoon I started feeling a bit under the weather. As of yesterday and today, I've had a fever and definitely seem to have some kind of summertime flu.
Reduced to drinking Jewish Penicillin (aka chicken soup-it's a real medical term! It was on Jeopardy!), 7up and occasionally eating some bread. That's about it. My head feels like a bowling ball and my torso feels like a well-used punching bag. sighhhh. I've been innoculated against practically every contagious thing known to western man (preparation for potentially going to sandbox), so I may be able to ride this out with Sudafed (sans the Pseudoephedrine). But then again, if I'm not doing better soon, I may have to go get some antibiotics as a last resort.

What's my point? Just in case I make even less sense than I usually do, this is to cover my tracks sort of... that's all.

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