Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Covenant Magazine Fall 2007 Issue Adopted by God: A Family Portrait

How full of Grace this magazine is! And the articles so rich theologically and practically.

Features Include:
Feasting On the Word of God
Men's Leadership Breakfast

The Quest for a Calling
People around the world long to
know which jobs or roles will best
use their gifts and bring fulfillment.
How do Christians determine the
roles and careers for which God
has created them?

A Heart Aflame
Professor Sean Lucas explores what
it means for Presbyterian Christians
to enjoy communion with God.

The Trinity’s Love and Adoption
As Christians understand their
adoption into the family of God,
this great doctrine offers assurance,
hope, and encouragement.

Welcome to the Family
Being a part of God’s family is significant,
and one RUF campus minister
reflects on seeing the need for
college students to grasp this truth.

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