Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wimbledon Ramblings

Venus Williams just won her fourth Wimbledon Championship today. Considering her superior skills, style, form, and power, this should not be a surprise to anyone. However, despite all of her overwhelming advantages she appears to have going for her, she entered her sixth Wimbledon final the lowest ranked woman ever to do so (at 23rd) since records began (source: Going into Wimbledon she was ranked only 31st!

I identify so much with Venus every time I watch her play, because you can just tell she is her own worst enemy. She allows herself to get down and she starts very often to over think her plays, especially her serves. You can watch her countenance drop and almost see those wheels turning in her mind as she replays the previous point that some how got away from her..

The press headlines assert “Venus once again proves her doubters wrong.” But I’d assert even more importantly that she proves herself wrong, along with her own tendency toward self-accusation.

Her opponent in the finals, Marion Bartoli, was ranked 18th going in. But could have gracefully gone out in anonymous loss in the semi-finals and would have still improved her world standing. Instead, Bartoli knocked of No. 1 and so the pundits were in awe over these two underdogs making it to the finals.

I love seeing the underdog prevail, but have to admit that I was routing for Venus the whole time. Even the pundits could see that Venus, though ranked so much lower than Bartoli, was the clear favorite today. She has the track record and the experience, along with the statistics (even though she is inconsistent). We know how she plays and what she is capable of doing. Bartoli started to rally a bit and made it exciting to watch. I enjoyed the stories about how the French woman completely took her other opponents by surprise because of her unusual and unpredictable style of play. But in the end, I’m just really, really happy for Venus today.

(oh, and BTW- in the post interview she did give Glory to God, so please disregard my previous comment about it...!! )

And here’s the AP article on World Mag.

One more 'random' thought...
The camera panned at one point to the wall of fame for all of the previous Wimbledon winners. The thing that caught my attention was that all of the women's names recorded there were preceeded with the salutation "Miss." This was interesting to me, not because I am in any way a feminist, but because I have occasionally thought it strange that single women in their 30s and 40s would be still addressed in the church as "Miss." I've always assumed that that was really for girls. Adult women should have a different title. But I guess that is my own cultural conditioning. At Wimbledon they're all addressed as "Miss."

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