Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thank you prayer warriors!

For anyone who reads this and who has been praying for my friend "C" (or aka "LT") who has been getting sucked into the Mormon church:
Thank you and Praise God!!

Last night was her final interview before being baptized into the mormon church and I requested all praying hands and hearts on deck! She was sure that she was "feeling" the Holy Spirit during their meetings even though she didn't agree with what they were teaching and even though she didn't appreciate their heavy-handed tactics in getting her there. Basically, their "missionaries" gave her an ultimatum: get baptized or cut the cord for good!

We were praying for her last night, throughout the time of the interview, that God would bind the enemy in Jesus' name and that she would not continue to be deceived and taken advantage of. Praise God, she is free! They told her she failed every single one of the top questions and that even if she wanted to be baptized they could not allow her. And she also said that that "warm fuzzy" feeling that she had gotten in the past was completely gone last night. She knew she had to get out and let them cut the cord.

So, praise God for His mighty answer to our prayers and for "C" breaking free! Now onto praying that she gets connected with true fellowship where she lives in Virginia and that the Holy Spirit would continue to work and draw her to salvation in Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

as of last night, my boyfriend fernando was diagnosed with cancer in his lymph nodes. hes 17 years old and cares more about others than anyone i know. he was the last person i ever expected to get it and ive never seen him so weak...its funny how he asks how im feeling every day when hes the one whos sick.
i never thought id see the day when i had to stop kissing my boyfriend because he couldnt breathe.PLEASE pray, we need a miracle...and i love him and would give anything to be able to take his cancer from him or trade. we are all in shock and in a huge state of genuine grief. hes still just a boy...and i know God has a plan for him.
thank you and god bless, alexandra

deb said...

Alexandra - I am praying for you and your boyfriend Fernando tonight. And I'm so sorry to hear about this painful trial that he is suffering. Sorry if I'm not very good with knowing what to say in these kinds of situations, but I know that the Holy Spirit is interceding with groanings for all of us until Christ comes again! Especially when we do not have the words and are in desparate need of His hope, grace, and peace!

May “The Lord bless you and keep you (both of you); the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26