Saturday, July 28, 2007

From inertia to.. a room mate??

Even though my friend from Virginia cancelled her visit at the last minute, I told her I was really glad we had made plans. It had motivated me to get my act in gear and to clean up around this place! I shampooed the carpets, dusted, organized, went thru closets, cleaned the linen in the spare rooms, and most of all went thru the ungodly, unending piles of junk that I keep accumulating.

Books, letters, prayer requests, magazines!, coupons, buttons?, receipts, business cards, sermon notes, committee folders, Bible study notebooks, journals, backpacks, boots, camo stuff --- it was soo ridiculous and embarassing that I needed something like divine intervention to get me past my inertia. Finally.

Now I'm motivated to actually invite real, live people here again. Maybe not for dinner and formal stuff, because I'm terrible at entertaining, but just to hang out or -- even, possibly, maybe, an actual room mate again, maybe?? Don't get me wrong, I've had plenty of room mates before. I've just had some difficult experiences the last two times, so I've been taking a little break.

So here you go: this is the unofficial blurb ....
Room for rent near UD campus in Newark. Large furnished bedroom and full private bathroom. On street parking. Close to bus routes and train station. Less than 15 minute walk to South Campus. Perfect for a grad student or professional. Christian women only. No smoking/no partying/no sleep-overs. Reasonable Rent.

Caveats: I have a small poodle. Also, if you would rather provide your own furnishings, that can easily be worked out.

If you are interested, email me at deblw at yahoo dot com.

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