Friday, June 22, 2007

Such a sweet proposal

For some of us singles God keeps saying "no" or "wait." But here is an awesome testimony from earlier this week when God and the bride-to-be said, "YES, YES, YES!"

Mike and Katie are engaged! And Mike's documentary is so sweet and romantic; I loved it. I'm way overjoyed for both of them. I've known Mike for a while and just recently met Katie. Totally commend Mike for such a thoughtful, romantic, well-planned and neat way to propose to her. You da man, MC Shann.

So, two more pilgrims migrate from Single Vision (our church's single ministry). Somewhat bittersweet in that sense, but in every other way - Hallelujah!


MC_Shann said...

Deb... Nice site! Thanks for the thoughtful comment and the post of your own... Grace and peace my sister!

deb said...

Congrats, Michael!