Saturday, June 30, 2007

Qualifying "Cool Guy"

In ref to my last post, where I called Matt Morginsky of the (now-defuncted) Supertones "such a cool guy," I guess I should elaborate. First, I'm one of those people who (remorsefully) uses "Cool" as a positive adjective applied to just about any person, place or thing that I enjoy. Also, I probably need to explain, at least somewhat, what in particular caused me to "enjoy" mr. Morginsky.

Back in the 90's the Supertones were a headliner band, so the fact they came for free to play at Manheim for the troops during the Kosovo conflict was really "Cool." But even cooler yet was when Matt and the band went out to eat dinner with the clergy and some of us tag-a-longs.

I got to eat dinner right across from Matt, who is an OPC brother. Well, at that time I had just joined my PCA home church (before getting deployed) because I was strongly attracted to the core beliefs of the reformed faith, such as TULIP and the 5 Solas. However, I had never been formally or informally "catechized" at that point. So, guess what? I got catechized for like three hours by one of the Supertones on infant baptism and the invisible vs. visible church.

Now, how "cool" is that? A rather famous guy (at least in Christian circles) who is giving a free concert, ate dinner with and answered WCF/WLC questions for a 'ridiculous fan.' That's what I meant by "cool guy."

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