Saturday, June 9, 2007

Pause, assess, revamp

In part three of a series, called "Is the Church Sliding into Irrelevance?" written by my pastor, there are seven church 'movements' that he says "we must bury with a graceful funeral." The last one was particularly convicting to me: "the gospel of intellectual and theological purism." He writes:
"The gospel of intellectual and theological purism has certainly marked out our differences with other denominations but has done very little to get us to work together. I can dot all my Calvinistic i's and cross all of my infant baptism t's. But can I build bridges to my other brothers and sisters across the street? .. the histories of revival are replete with one common denominator -- revivals begin when pastors pray to together and lay aside their distinctives."
While he is opposing theological elitism here, in other areas he has strongly opposed broad-based ecumenism that does away with the foundational core of faith. The bottom line, he says is that "we must return to our Biblical roots and stop inventing other gospels. If we fail to do so, very few in our communities will even care or notice if our... ministries end."

With that being stated, I will be signing off for a bit, as I have some other commitments that will require me to be out of the loop. I suspect that when I return to blogging, I'll have a different perspective and better understanding with regard to where I'm headed with my blog and my mission.

God bless and see you soon!

updated 6/12/07
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