Thursday, June 7, 2007

The best of the rest

Some aggregates do not pick up every single post. Now, I don't know whether it is an issue of censorship or perhaps a technology glitch of some sort. Or possibly a combination of the two?
So, I've searched my archives and found most the articles that have been missed and listed them there for the benefit of the one or two people who actually read some of the stuff that I write, copy or link to.

Okay, here's the list - I have added an asterisk next to the posts that I really like.

Pride: Why the Salt Complains of Rotten Meat*
2 Peter 1:3-9 Forgetting Agape*
Jehovah Shalom: The Lord is Peace, Part II*
Jehovah Shalom: The Lord is Peace, Part I*
Comfort and Christ (Phil 2:1-11) *
Interesting Diagnostics
So, I'm married to Christ*
The Whole Internet, copyright 1992*
Susan Hunt audio: Generation to Generation*
Glory begun, Grace perfected*
Volleyball: Killing Sin and Playing Well*
Single-Minded, Godly Resources*
Hilarious Quote of the Week*
Searching For the City or the Landlord?*

Okay, so the asterisk thing wasn't much help, as I really like almost all of these posts. I guess that means you've got a bunch of reading to do ;)

The other thing that I've tried to do is identify a pattern that might help to determine what causes some items to be missed. Two things come to mind: from the technology standpoint there might a problem with making corrections or updates after the article has been published. So, I'll try to do a better job on the editing prior to publishing.

The other issue may stem from a some sort of censorship. It would seem to me that if one is censored that the person doing the censoring would offer some sort of explanation or that the censorship might at least be consistent. Perhaps it is the result of unintended censorship, ie, the moderator was on vacation and just never got around to it? However, this doesn't seem consistent, because I know I get the steady stream of editorial content, delivered hot off the presses, unincumbered from those same aggregates.

Or maybe it's a glitch with blogspot. Who knows? (Oh, yeah. The Sovereign God of the universe! I forgot again).


SaintRAV said...

I think that the Censorship of your blog is unlikely. Usually if a host censors your content they remove the post and replace it with a notice that “the content removed violated the terms of service.” That or they delete your blog altogether. I can’t imagine that they would let your content appear on the internet, but censor the feed to those who subscribe.

I think the problem is more likely technical. Your blog sends an RSS feed at regular intervals. The end users use feed aggregators to gather their subscriptions and have their own settings to tell it how often to check for feeds. If your blog sends a feed and the receiver is having a problem, then that could cause a delay or omission in the feed. I discovered this from a friend. We both subscribe to a feed from a theologian and I was regularly getting his posts over the week. I use Google Reader as my aggregator. He didn’t get any and he uses Blog Lines (or something else I’m unsure but it isn’t GR). Anyway, one Saturday he got 20 posts from the theologian. They were gummed up in the works. The internet is cool, but also not always reliable. An easy way to check to see if there is censorship is to repost one of the blog exactly as before. Most censorship is really filtering software so if it blocked it once it would do it again.

Deb said...

Oooh! Thank you for explaning that - I'm glad you know how all of this works. Guess I'll have to check into the aggregator. I've also heard that people sometimes have trouble with using Blogspot as the publisher.

Anyway- Thanks for your insights!

See you Sunday! (btw-I won't be able to go to Baltimore tomorrow, so have tun!)