Monday, April 2, 2007

Random updates

My last examination is finished, all papers, reports, presentations, and interviews - done! woowhoo! At this point, I almost don't care what my final grade is... yes, I said almost :).

Was thinking about how I had commented to someone about the idea that I seem to have more guy friends than girl friends. And how the ratio of girls to guys at our singles events is usually like 10 to 2 . And how my single guy friends like me, but I'm older and just we're just buddies. So, I invited some of my guy buddies to the singles lunch Sunday, thereby doubling their number to an astounding four. Cool.

To follow-up, elaborate, expound (whatever) on the whole "wait" thing: not idle waiting, of course. Just to be clear.
I still believe God wants something radical from me, but I'm accepting that it's His timing.
And in the meantime, I'm reading a book (like the Ajith article suggested).
I'm finding more ways to serve the body of Christ while waiting-even in those little ways, learning to be content in my less than desirable work situation,
and trusting that every single minute of this life is a gift from God and a picture of His continuous grace and holiness living in me through Christ.

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