Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Communion and the scattered body

During communion the Sunday before last, one of our elders fell, injured his leg and dropped the communion tray with the bread on it. His injuries were rather serious, but he played it off well and kept from causing any attention to himself.

An amazingly gifted women from our church who I greatly admire was sharing with us a few days later how she had been kneeling, praying on the stairs right below him when the bread went flying off the tray, scattered right in front of where she was praying. She said that she was momentarily shocked, looking at the bread and all of the other people who saw what happened, thinking:
"What should I do? what should I do?"
"Pick it up!" The concept became clear at that moment.

This is Christ's Body, scattered, in our midst.. Gather the pieces
of His Body.
The context of the discussion was whether it would be better to sign up for a new class at church this summer or to play on a team with four unchurched people (two of us are Christians) I met who just started coming to our church to play sports. Should I take on their invite to become a 'regular' member of their team year 'round or go to the church class?

Both would be great, but both are held on the same night. So, I asked for prayer. I'm definitely leaning toward the scattered body.

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