Saturday, February 3, 2007

Superbowl comment - My (football) hero

About half of my friends are cheering for Da Bears. The other half are for Indy. The one married couple I'm friends with is divided. He's from Indy, she's from Chicago (Wheeling).

I grew up with the Baltimore Colts. My hero - the guy I was just absolutely in love with - is Bert Jones!

Check out some of his stats:

NFL Most Valuable Player1976 season! Preceded by Fran Tarkenton and succeeded byWalter Payton

"The 1976 regular season was his finest as a professional as he threw for 3,104 yards and a career high 24 touchdowns compiling an astronomical passer rating of 102.5. Jones was one of only three quarterbacks to achieve a 100+ passer rating during the entire decade of the 1970s, joining Dallas' Roger Staubach (1971) and Oakland's Ken Stabler (1976). Jones was thus honored by the Associated Press as 1976's NFL Most Valuable Player and NFL Offensive Player of the Year, selected All-Pro and named to the Pro Bowl team. Jones was also selected 2nd Team All-Pro following the 1977 season." (source: wikipedia)

(As an aside, I actually got to meet him when I worked at the goretex company - he was one of our company's product spokesmen, I think with Cabela's catalog)

My dad and I used to go to Baltimore and watch them play - once against Pittsburg and once against the Jets (when Joe Namath was QB).
Anyhoo... when they moved to Indy, it didn't really bother me so much. I just became a Philadelphia Eagles groupie after that. So, nowadays, while the 'former' Colts' fans are bemoaning their new teams' loss (the Ravens) last month to Indy in Baltimore Stadium, I, on the otherhand, have been recharged with some of my fondest childhood memories.

I would love it for Peyton Manning, if the Colts were to win.
But if not, I can be just as happy for a few of my Chicago friends too -- (Jenny H, Michael M, Kim C.) Alrighty... now back to my homework.

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