Sunday, February 4, 2007

Quotes from 'A Calvinist faces death' by Time

Intro excerpts -
.."Calvinism, the faith of the Puritans, has made a modest comeback among
younger Evangelical Christians. One of the movement's potent mentors is Albert
Mohler, the influential, telegenic head of the Southern Baptist Theological

Mohler, a Calvinist, went into the hospital in December for a fairly
routine stomach operation and suddenly developed pulmonary embolisms, a
frequently fatal form of clotting, in both lungs. After emergency surgery and
four days in the Intensive Care unit, he made a complete recovery. "

Time Magazine interviewed him for this week's pub about his crisis and whether it had illuminated his brand of faith.

Just a few quotes to pique interest:

"everyone is a Calvinist in praying before surgery."

"In this sort of crisis we all want God to be sovereign, all powerful — to be able to intervene decisively, to rule over every atom and molecule of the universe"

"Some non-Calvinists might say, I'm glad he survived, but I'm so sorry this accident happened to him. A Calvinist would say "God had something for him to learn through this that will be important for his formation for eternity."
(interviewer:And you've learned...)

"A lot of things. I've blogged about it..."

Link to the article (you might need a subscription to read the whole article. I get free access as a grad student at FDU) Link to his blog.

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