Saturday, January 13, 2007

Week off - good stuff in Virginia

Over the past week, I've been off work - and, as anyone who still looks at my blog will have noticed, off my computer!

For the first half of the week, I did house projects: I painted my kitchen cabinets! And I organized some of my downstairs rooms so as to do away with the ever-accumulating clutter! Pictures will be forthcoming of my 'new' painted cabinets. The very nice, retired professor who I bought my house from would not be very happy I'm sure, as he had the cabinets hand-crafted by a local cabinet maker in Kemblesville. The only trouble for me was that the wood was stained DARK, DARK brown and was just soooo depressing. So, by painting the doors and drawers an off-white semi-gloss, I was able to retain the excellent craftsmanship AND brighten the kitchen tremendously. A very prosperous endeavor, I hope.

Wednesday night began our spring semester of Bible Study, where we are studying "Treasures of Faith" which was written by our pastor and his wife, Sharon. Sharon is speaking to us for the first three weeks as we kick things off. It is very affirming to hear her share and to read their stories, as we learn that they are men and women just like us as far as the struggles in life and their need for reliance on our awesome, soveriegn God. I'm really looking forward to more of it.

The second half of this week Thursday-today, I spent in Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown, Virginia. Got a great deal online for two nights at a hotel there and the weather held up nicely. The hotel had a spa, indoor pool and sauna, which was a really nice way to relax.

As I toured Yorktown and read the historical background of that great battle - the turning point of the Revolutionary War, actually - I was so encouraged by Lafayette who came here from France to support the American effort. He said that he had searched his whole life to find "Glory" in a human countenance, and not until he met Gen. George Washington had he ever come close. The historical revisionists will have us forget the truth behind GW's 'glorious' countenance, but the president of Westminster Theological Seminary, Dr. Peter Lillback, reminds us in his most recent biography of GW, called "Sacred Fire," that it was his faith in Jesus Christ and the sovereign God of the Bible. I haven't read it yet (800 pages? or so), but plan to, knowing the significance of the body of his work.

Also, I found somethings interesting at Jamestown, while visiting the archeological museum and studying some historical background on the settlement. Jamestown, as the first English colony/settlement in the 'new world,' was primarily established to extend King James I's power and authority by fortifying a military presence in the 'new world,' by setting up the Virginia Company of London to establish an economy and legitimate trade prospects, and by establishing protestantism in the form of the Church of England - all to counteract the Spanish (who landed much earlier in St. Augustine). What I find the most peculiar to all of this is that much of what undergirded the purpose and mission of Jamestown seems highly contrary or contradictory to what the Puritan Pilgrims established at Plymouth Rock about 13 years later. By 1624 King James had revoked the charter and the colony moved east. Eventually, burned in a rebellion, Jamestown ceased to exist in 1698. Interesting study..

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