Friday, December 22, 2006

Confessions of a blog-aholic

Does anyone else have trouble with spending too much time online, reading blogs? Do you have favorites, perhaps people you know, or maybe just interesting blogs by people who you don't really know? So at what point does blog-surfing become 'obsessive?' Can it be sinful? According to the Westminster Confession of Faith, anything that we do that we don't do to the glory of God is considered sin. So that opens it wide up, right? But is that not just a little too vague to really pin down to a confessional statement of something we might lift up to God for forgiveness? Okay, how about when blogging or visiting a particular blog becomes an idol? When you would rather read someone's blog page for a daily fix than to read the Word of God or to go to God in prayer? Yep. That's got to be sin. Big, huge, ugly, nasty sin. So, today I'm confessing my sin of blog-surfing idolatry, offering it up to God, and praying 'Thy will be done.'

(Snip and edit previous quote) Add :
Quote from 'The Westminster Confession of Faith for Study Classes,' by G.I. Williamson, pg 133:
"But how can a defiled sinner stand before that holy God who is a consuming fire? Do we not need a priest who stand between.. who can 1) remove God's wrath, and 20 absolve our own guilt and remove defilement?"
"And it is the glory of the gospel of Christ and the Reformed Confession that they inform us of the only Savior and priest who is able to do what the situation requires. He was 'made like His brethern, that He might be merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God to make propitiation for the sins of the people' (Heb 2:17). By the sacrifice of Himself He removed God's wrath AND our defilement. HE ascended up on high in order to make intercession for us. For this reason we are commanded in the Word of God to acknowledge none other to be our priest. ... Therefore no sin can be removed until it is confessed unto God through Him."

Why do I keep thinking that I can do something? As if I could somehow pay for my sin or could perhaps punish myself enough or do enough penance to somehow absolve myself? IMPOSSIBLE. Look to the LORD. Confess to Him and rest upon Jesus Christ.

!!!!!!!!!! AND ! I learn to give grace to myself and others in the words of C.S. Lewis --

"the things that Laurence loves Aslan for doing or saying are simply the things Jesus really did and said."
"If I were Laurence I'd just say in my prayers something like this: 'Dear God, if the things I've been thinking or feeling about those books (blogs?) are things You don't like and are bad for me, please take away those feelings and thoughts. But if they are not bad, then please stop me from worrying about them."

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