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Human Nature From Calvin to Edwards

In his new release, Human Nature From Calvin to Edwards, Paul Helm breaks fertile ground in this survey of theological anthropology in the Reformed tradition. So far, the Kindle version is fantastic! Sample below.
REVIEWPaul Helm's Human Nature from Calvin to Edwards is an important book that will make a major contribution to our understanding of early modern Reformed thought, specifically because it takes on the difficult and previously un-examined question of how Reformed writers from Calvin to Edwards understood human nature in the general anthropological sense of the term. This analysis should have preceded the efforts of a host of scholars to come to grips with the problems of the fall, sin, grace, and human freedom, given that human nature as such is the subject of the entire discussion of all of these theological problems. In other words, Helm provides the context for further analysis of a host of theological issues. The book also, by examining the anthropological …

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